Current Projects

Educating our clients on the design and decision making process is important to us. Getting from point A to B can be a long journey so it makes sense to reflect on  how far we have come with some of our projects. Below you will find a few of those "works in progress".


Whitefish Lake Residence

This is a tight lot with a considerable slope down to the lakefront. The grading on a site like this requires consideration of storm runoff, property setbacks, privacy and of course maximizing the beauty of the lakefront.  2017-2019  

Big Sky Ranch

This is a 1,500 acre parcel south of Big Sky with a mix of existing and new structures. The entire site will get a substantial facelift including the addition of two ponds and extensive native revegetation. 2017-2019

Whitefish Lake Retreat

Sometimes the natural beauty of a site brings unforeseen challenges. This project will require a considerable amount of blasting and wall building to get the home in a spot that fits with the surroundings.  2017-2019